A Victorian Coffeehouse in the Heart of Bloomsbury

International flavours, from great coffee to Mediterranean lunch in a Victorian atmosphere.


Our Story

Syrup of Soot harks back to the days of the original 17th century London coffeehouse when these bustling meeting places encouraged lively sociability and colourful debate.

The storied beverage wasn’t to everyone’s taste. One early critic described it as a “syrup of soot” from which our establishment takes its name. But coffee’s stimulating properties were quickly appreciated and soon the new trend spread throughout the capital. By the early 18th century, London had more coffeehouses than any city west of Constantinople.

We also offer an array of savouries and sweets as well as select teas and other beverages.

We aim to create a friendly environment in a distinctive setting for lively discussion or quiet contemplation.



Situated on the ground & lower ground floors of a 19th century building at the top end of Museum Street, Syrup of Soot is only steps away from the British Museum.

The rooms have been restored to their Victorian origins. Our ground floor has been extended to the rear courtyard with a covered roof, and the lower floor has been converted into a cozy lounge. Between both floors, we can accommodate up to 120 people.

The venue can be hired for private events. Our chef is available to cater to your needs and we can staff accordingly. Wines, spirits & beers can be served under our ‘bring your own alcohol’ policy.



  • Syrup of Soot
  • 38 Museum Street
  • London WC1A 1LP
  • Opening times
  • Monday - Friday: 8.15am - 6.30pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 6.30pm